NDM Finance support businesses looking for working capital or help in maximizing the tax benefits of expenditure on research & development and building improvements.

Since 2000 the Government have been offering a tax incentive for companies carrying our research & development. Most businesses are carrying out research & development - it is not just linked to products, it can apply to new operating and management systems, IT and software.

Assets purchased by a business and retained for use or incorporated into the building will attract capital allowances. This is a complex issue as only some assets qualify. Your company accountant may not have the expertise to recover tax for capital allowances on buildings and property improvements which could mean you are missing out on a valuable tax benefit.

NDM will investigate the potential for a claim for either, manage the application, reduce the time burden on you and most importantly only get paid a fee when you receive your tax refund or credit.

NDM Finance can also help with working capital and loans for buying assets. We have a panel of lenders who can offer alternatives to the mainstream lenders.

Working capital for most businesses is now generated through a sales invoice financing facility. This may not always be the best solution and can be expensive. NDM will conduct a review of your current facility and offer alternatives which may be cheaper or more advantageous. NDM earn a fee from the new funder if you decide to move.

We can also arrange loans for the purchase of assets, or in some cases for the re-financing of assets to provide cash for the business.

The senior leadership team of NDM have many years of experience in operating businesses with finding and working capital pressures. We bring value to the discussion by understanding the needs of our customers.

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"Our expertise and network of contacts will help you to open doors to finance that might otherwise remain closed"

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